managing bank staffEffective management of bank staff can reduce your agency spend significantly
automated booking systemAutomated booking system allows you to find staff coverage instantly
updated stakeholdersEliminates the need for emails or phone calls as relevant stakeholders are updated automatically
online timesheetsIntegrated online timesheets provides traceability and control
report analysisReporting facility to assist with your forecasting, analysis and workforce planning
placement fill rateIndustry proven to regularly achieve over 50% fill rate within 60 seconds
automatic alternative coverIn the event of a cancelled shift, JMS One can automatically source alternative cover
reliable softwareSimple and easy to use, yet rapid, robust and reliable. JMS One provides an affordable end-to-end solution.
accessibilityWeb based, can be accessed from devices anywhere 24/7
filling your shiftsLet JMS One take on the challenge of filling shifts, leaving you to focus on other business
Member Testimonial“My experience of JMS One has been brilliant. When shifts are posted I receive both emails and notifications via the app. The app is very simple and clear making it fast to navigate. The app retains a clear record of the shifts I have booked and completed which makes tracking my working history very simple. I can access my profile with ease. It is easy to see which units I can work on. All in all it is the best process I have used in regards to agency working.”Adam Thompson

Helping you to manage your workforce

JMS One is a robust staff management system that makes it easy to manage your workforce seamlessly from recruitment to payroll. Designed to support HR Departments. Appropriate for the UK’s current gig economy.Request A Demo
bank staff management
Team Member Testimonial“The speed with which a shift can be booked is so impressive. Having seen JMS One in action, why would anyone still use last century’s methods?”Team Member Feedback

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Roger JonesRoger JonesClient Advocate
Chris StarlingChris StarlingProduct Manager
Stuart SteadStuart SteadProduct Analyst
Sujatha SanthapuriSujatha SanthapuriJunior Product Analyst
For even more power and flexibility when using JMS One, download our free app!
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